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Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals
(guided broadband lightning rod: ion emission)
(Ion emission type broadband lightning rod)
Working principle of X-Trap
Physical electric socket method
It uses physical and electrical features in that internal ion generator circuit operates actively when lightning falls due to the access of thundercloud, causing high voltage.
Pulse power method: By taking advantage of socket features such as inductance and capacitance based on conductance, inductance, resistance (RLD) vacuum concept and pulse power method, the most effective ion radiation is conducted, maintaining the status with the same time lag. X-Trap develops endurance against the shock from lightning current through electric and magnetic application of L, C sockets.
Applications of X-Trap
Three elements of lightning protection
The lightning spot is determined to 100m from a building.
Griffin absorbs lightning quickly by radiating explosive amount of ion to the highest height at the moment when lightning spot is determined.
Proper time (timing), plenty amount of ionizing radiation (volume), radiation height (Height)
High stability of lightning protection
X-trap radiates ion in high frequency, enabling efficient absorption of lightning with various frequencies.
Excellent durability of circuit composition
X-Trap uses physical electric socket, providing better durability than semiconductor-based electrical circuit method.
Protection Radius of X-Trap
The design of the following three protection methods is required to make a proper lightning protection system.
1. Appropriate selection of protection efficiency and protection level
2. Appropriate discharge time lag
3. Keeping some distance between maximum line of protection range and the building.
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