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Corporation name PrimeSolution Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment Jun 11, 2003
Business areas - Power and data/signal SPD supply and manufacturing
- Guidance broadband lightning rod manufacturing and installation
- Intelligent lightning management system(ILPMS) design/installation
- Ground/lightning rod material supply and system design/installation
- Power stabilization device(AVR / UPS) supply and manufacturing
- Noise prevention devices(FILTER / NCT) supply and manufacturing
Address (Main office/factory)
Room 609 Suwon Hi-tech Venture Valley, 958 Gosaek-dong Gwonseon-gu Gyeonggi-do
TEL : 82-31-8007-6150     FAX : 82-31-8007-6158
Homepage http://www.primesolution.co.kr
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ADDRESS (Main office/factory)
Rm. 609 Suwon advanced venture valley, 958 Gosaek-dong Gwonseon-gu Gyeonggi-do
TEL. 82-31-8007-6150   FAX. 82-31-8007-6158   E-mail: prim0701@primesolution.co.kr
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